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Replacement of Lost Documentation for Certification Maintenance
A full audit of the last three years of meeting attendance
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A $50 replacement fee will be charged for AIHA to perform a full audit of the last three years of attendance and/or completion of the following:

  • AIHce
  • Professional Development Courses (PDCs) held at AIHce
  • Management Certificate Courses
  • PCIH
  • Professional Development Courses (PDCs) held at PCIH
  • Distance Learning Courses (TeleWebs, Self Study Courses, DVDs, Webcourses, Synergist Tests, Etc.)
  • AIHA Roadcourses (FIH, CIH, HVAC, etc.)

AIHA will provide a letter verifying participation and/or successful completion of all applicable coursework that awards certification maintenance points (CM Points, CEUs, COCs). Additional certificates will not be issued. A minimum of three weeks turn around time must be allotted for so that the comprehensive audit may be completed.

Please note: AIHA will not perform audits of courses/conferences held beyond three years, but will provide contact information for resources/vendors from which the information may possibly be obtained. Certificate Lost Documentation does not reflect speaker/presenter instruction credits earned. Please refer to AIHA Educational Transcripts for further certification information and clarification.

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